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The path to YOUR product solution for lighting energy saving


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NRG Services

  • NRG Solution-Scan Consultancy – Service 1 (Click here for more detailed info)
    • This is an all-in-one package that will provide the following
      • A detailed assessment of the Client’s exiting lighting installation
      • An investigation into all the possible solutions to increase the energy efficiency of each existing luminaire type.
      • A full report, with a consolidation of the Scan, providing concise and clear information, financial impacts and comparative analysis of the available solutions, to enable a fully informed decision making process.
      • A complete detailed technical data set for every solution, again with simple comparative information.
      • On-going consultation, with advice and decision support
  • NRG Sourcing Consultancy – Service 2
    • For Clients who already have a specification and are at the stage of tendering or ordering.
      • Product type and specification will be based on information as provided by the producer of the luminaires, this is not adequate to assess the real useful life characteristics. NRG will investigate on a basis of manufacturer’s capability, process, product power design and heat design.
      • NRG will provide a report to include:
      • A review of the product specifications and suitability for the application
      • A range of suitable sources, with price indication (preliminary quotes)
      • A comparative analysis of the advised sources.
      • Suggestions of alternative solutions and the benefit in comparison to the original specification. Which will include any technological advance in the specification.
  • NRG Solution-Scan including sourcing Consultancy – Service 3
    • A combination of Service 1 & 2
  • NRG Sourcing & Supply Consultancy – Service 4
    • A full “Turnkey” process, which includes all of the above and to include the supply & delivery of the solutions and the organisation and management of the installation (if required)
  • Product Verification Service – Service 5
    • A laboratory inspection of SSL luminaires of: components, power design, heat design and manufacturing process.
  • Public Tender; specification, tender process, tender & product assessment and validation - Service 6
  • Pricing will be dependent on the project scope.
  • The relative cost for each service in Service 3 & 4 will be lower than in the individual execution of Service 1 & 2 as the is no duplication of some common areas of the service activity which is required for each on an individual basis.
  • Service 4, is the most cost competitive as the consultancy cost is subsidised by margins in the supply of the solutions.
  • Service 6, is principally fo public authorities but can also be applied to large commercial organisations running tender processes.