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It is clear that energy use must be addressed, for both economic and environmental reasons. The ever increasing cost of energy, the various governmental authority pressures on business to reduce their energy profiles, places the commercial user in the front line for taking action in this area.

Lighting is a major element of energy cost and subsequently it is a major supply Industry which holds a "minefield" of new products, ideas and technologies. This is all too often presented to a potential user in a fragmented and confusing way, leaving users unsure of what their choices really are or what their decisions should be. How can it be possible for a user to make an "informed" decision when they do not have the "full" information?

Most suppliers want to "sell" you a new fantastic product but is it really necessary to spend the high premiums? The answer is NO not always. There are many ways of increasing efficiency in lighting and reducing the cost of energy, some of which could involve simple "upgrade" as opposed to "replacement".

Is it possible to take complete comfort in certifications for SSL (Solid State Lighting, commonly know as LED lighting), with regard to the "useful life"? Sadly not, but why? and how do you handle this problem?  Why are tests of LED light sources not adequate to apply to SSL? What is the difference between LED and a traditional lamp as a "light source"?  How important is the heat design or heat dissapation? Are all SSL's of the same wattage the same? (NO!).  And many more questions.  As we say "SSL has and requires many questions to select correctly BUT most people don't know what those questions are"

NRG Solutions concept is to address this confusion and difficulty. Our first step with a potential customer is to assess their existing lighting. We then investigate all the possible and suitable solutions to upgrade your existing lighting and then further investigate the solutions to find even greater efficiencies if they are available. We provide the whole range of technologies and lighting types, we do not have a "preference". We also understand that in the "ideal" world, the only consideration would be the level of energy saving but the real world dictates that the finances to achieve this must be in balance.  We wil provide you with not only the knowledge you need to know what the questions are but also the answers to those all important questions.

NRG Solutions BV will provide the end user with all the information they need to make an "informed" decision on their lighting and we will provide the understanding that will give confidence in the quality, durability and stability of our solutions.

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