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The path to YOUR product solution for lighting energy saving


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The benefit of working with NRG Solutions is that you will be fully aware of the possibilities available to you for saving energy on your lighting. As we approach lighting energy saving from the users stand point and look to assess and apply tailored solutions applicable to the users own specific criteria, these possibilities are all pertinent to your actual needs and situation. This will take into account, budgets, financial policies, payback periods, corporate profiling and future planning.

Our concept effectively provides you with an in depth analysis and investigation on your behalf and then with the full information in your hands, you can now make an informed and economically based decision.

It can assist you in selecting the right profuct for your application and help protect you from the problems of short useful life performance

NRG Solutions can provide a "NRG Solution-Scan" of your premises. Via this scan, we will show you how much money you can save on your lighting energy costs, how much more energy savings can be achieved and the corresponding Co2 impact.

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