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NRG Solutions BV - Overview

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NRG Profile


The company is founded on an extensive background in lighting with a core skill in energy efficient lighting. Due to the advent of LED SSL (LED Solid State Lighting), the technological development in lighting has seen a faster growth in the last 10 years than in the previous 60 years. Consequently the general understanding of a lamp/luminaire is still, to a certain extent, based on the traditional lighting understanding and with all the new and fast developing SSL products, there is now an inherent danger in the wrong choice.

It is no longer possible to base illumination effects on the light source (traditional lamp) principal as these are now not efficient and have a much shorter life that SSL. The details, performances and certifications currently provided for SSL are still based on the LED module as a “light source” principle. This is completely incorrect and inaccurate as an LED module light source, will have different performances when in its useable form and integrated into an SSL unit. Once LED components are in an SSL they are effected by both the power and thermal design and are more effected by the environment and ambient conditions than “Traditional” lighting.

Another consideration with regard to lightning effect and ambiance, was the use of specific reflectors in traditional luminaries, which was possible as the lamp provided a 360 deg of lumen output, however SSL lighting is uni-directional and direct back reflection is not possible.

Producing a SSL luminaire to match a required illumination performance is simple but producing in a way that will provide both performance and the required “useful life” is not so simple. A finite understanding of the developing technologies and manufacturing processes is required to make the right choice. There is no question that SSL has to be the choice for virtually all applications as, when properly selected, they have a much longer life and lower energy demand, therefore the “Total Life Cost” is substantially better.


NRG consultancy services are to provide energy efficient lighting solution but not just light planning but also engaging in the technological design of lighting to ensure suitable ongoing performances will meet both the durability and effects required. This requires specific knowledge and skills which are not common in the market.

NRG has advised Governments, local authorities, large blue-chip corporations and now SSL producers, as we have been a strong advocator of the need for producers to re-address their marketing to ensure that the technological details required, are made available on their information and spec sheets, which currently most are not.

We offer a range of services, which can be tailored to suit a Client’s needs and budgets.

NRG Solutions Market Differentiation

We have a capability to both recognize and then to provide the end user with comparative solutions for each existing lighting type, most of which are designed and manufactured as an exact upgrade solution for the existing lighting type.  For example: in a recent project with 24 existing luminaire types, we were able to provide 116 different energy saving solutions. We understand that in the “ideal” world the only consideration would be the level of energy saving but the real world dictates that the finances to achieve this must be in balance. Therefore, part of a solution could involve a short term solution providing saving and set for further upgrading later, probably paid for by the savings of the short term solution.

NRG Solutions Benefits

We approach lighting energy saving from the users stand point and look to assess and apply a solution tailored to the users own specific criteria, taking into account; budgets, financial policies, payback periods and future planning.  Our default considerations are to “upgrade” where possible as opposed to “replace”.