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The path to YOUR product solution for lighting energy saving


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NRG Solution-Scan

Scan Survey & Assessment

  • A full lighting asset survey
    • Detailed analysis of possible solutions
  • First Stage Report (see right)
    • Detailed customer discussions of report
  • Solutions assessment based on user criteria:
    • Specific lighting requirements
    • Unique considerations
    • Client specific financial criteria
    • User policiesTargets

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Scan Reports & Proposals

  • First stage report
    • Suitable solutions and relative performances
    • Comparative evaluations of solutions
    • Detailed financial analysis (costs, payback, etc.)
  • Final proposal
    • Recommended solutions based on customer specific criteria
    • Detailed financial considerations (investments, payback, ROI, etc.)
    • Rollout & Re-investment planning
    • Supply arrangements

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Scan Costs

  • Some costs will be incurred, dependent on the size and scope of the scan.
  • However if the project results in the provision of solutions by NRG, then this cost will generally be credited back against the goods supply invoice.
  • This cost will be discussed and agreed at the time of discussing the size and scope of the scan and will be based on the criteria of the specific client. 

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