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NRG Solutions provides a consultancy service for lighting energy efficiency for upgrade and/or replacement of lighting products in the form of customized solutions for commercial & Governmental organisations

Lighting as an impact

Illumination is the ephemeral partner of architecture. Light is invisible until it strikes an object or surface. It is controlling this difficult, transitory medium that gives the lighting "artist" the ability to create hierarchies, dynamics and mood. Lighting design has become a creative extension of architectural design, improving visibility and complementing form, program and colour. Experience and of course talent, create patterns of illumination that seamlessly support overall project goals and are consequential on the people that will populate and use the areas. “Mood” lighting can induce the correct sense of well-being, which will enhance the considered benefit of the project for the users.


Lighting equipment and controls technologies are developing at light speed: hundreds of new products are introduced to the marketplace annually. To provide proper design solutions that make use of the latest, most-cost-effective technologies, lighting professionals must attend national trade shows and continually update product information and samples from hundreds of manufacturers. Keeping abreast of newest weapons in the lighting arsenal has become time intensive and more essential. Independent lighting consultants do not sell or install equipment, nor do they depend on the recommendations of lighting salespersons. So the client receives a lighting design based on research and expertise -- free from conflicts of interest.

We use advanced software to analyse, check and plan suitable lighting by developing virtual models of the clients facilities, to ensure that not only does the proposed energy efficient lighting plan provide suitable illumination but that it also meets with regulatory requirements.  It is fundamental to take into account not just the room/area but also any significant objects that can impact the light distribution and this is just not possible without virtual modelling.

We make use of these advanced tools for both energy efficiency studies and new planning.  Price and reported luminaire performance is not enough to ensure suitable illumination.

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